Each State and Territory abide by unique legislation, however generally Major Hazard Facilities must meet mandated WHS regulations, such as: 

WHS Regulations 2011 Chapter 3 [General Risk and Workplace Management]

  • Regulation 43 – Duty of prepare, maintain and implement an emergency plan.

Part 9.3 Duties of Operators of Determined Major Hazard Facilities:

  • Regulation 557 – Emergency Plan
  • Regulation 559 – Review of Risk management
  • Regulation 567 – Emergency Plan
  • In addition to Regulation 557, Schedule 16 provides operators details of Matters to be included in emergency plan for a Major Hazard Facility.

At EDGE Training and Simulation, we understand these regulations and work to assist you in completing emergency exercises through computer simulation, VR and practical exercises to ensure the safety of your staff and facility and maintain compliance with the relevant Acts and Regulations.

We do not write your emergency plan for you. We provide contracted simulation for short periods of time to allow you to test and amend your plan and staff for emergency events. This enables you to train with the benefit of hundreds of thousands of dollars of simulation equipment, for a fraction of the cost.

Typically our simulation would involve a number of members from your organisation to ensure that you and other key staff are truly prepared. On top of this, the simulation and communication is recorded and can be kept for evidence of meeting your legislative requirements. In addition, you may find it useful for ongoing professional development of key staff, or perhaps for use in induction of new staff. We can even make custom content and develop your exact facility in our system. 

Why not contact our staff today about testing or compiling your emergency plan.